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please join-->
thanks, xox.

heyy guys. whatsup? idk if this is allowed or whatever.. okay, but
for a while now me and a bunch of the original dream street fans have
been talking, and we decided that since dream street fans are such a
community, we should have something to like identify us all. we chose
ODS4L, original dream street 4 life, and have been putting that on
our profiles and stuff.well, yesterday i was doing yahoo search and i
typed in Dream Street and was sad to find there were like no groups
remaining for Dream Street thta were still like active and had a lot
of members. Look how many people are in this group, or other groups
for the individual boys. I think that shows that we all love the
original boys. and were all going to be there to support them more no
matter what. so, if all of you would please just go and click the
join button..

everyone should go and join. It's going to be different then the
other groups,its just group to show that your a fan and that you love
Dream Street. Just so we can have one group out there that shows no
matter what, well be there for the guys. Its kind of just going to be
a group where all the fans can come together, do projects, talk,
share pictures, ideas and stuff.. and just like a fan listing, but
group. And a special group,the one group to show that your somebody
that will love the Original Dream Street 4 Life.

Once a lot of members start coming, we'll start doing some contests
and cool things. Please join, were also gonna try to show the guys
this group. I think they would be happy to see theres like one group
where all fans of any of the five guys can just go
and be fans together. I think were all in need of this group. =]]

when you join- make a post with your name and state and stuff. you
can IM me at(AIM): GlamGyrl XO if youd like. =]] i knoe this is so
annoying, and this letter wouldnt be as long if i wasn't at home
siick..and bored. but this means a lot to me, and im sure to all of
you too. so join- and have your friends join as well.

love always - Ariele
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